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What is Prayer? 

We mostly spend a lifetime finding out.

If you’re out of your depth in water, or stuck in a car crash, suddenly you are praying. No matter whether you have ever prayed before or not.

You can pray anywhere any time. You can jump straight in or you can spend a long time preparing if you have to deliver a public prayer at a service. Prayer pops up all over the place and in every aspect of our lives and of church life.

Prayer is talking to God

Even if we feel we are not much good at prayer, we seem to be even less good the other way round! That is, listening and hearing what God is saying to us. The Bible is full of good examples of both.

Prayer in our church services

Prayer features frequently throughout our services, activities and meetings. As a Free and Reformed Church, we don’t use the same set prayers each week. We often use our own words to petition for needs all round the world - whether earthquake victims, friends in hospital, people persecuted for their religion, those just married, or maybe bereaved.

Someone may use a beautiful traditional prayer that speaks to many people at once. We believe that God is aware of us, loves us, and wants us to talk to him.

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