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Free meditation class 

Every Friday lunchtime for 30 minutes from 12.30pm onwards, we offer a free meditation session in Pond Square Chapel. Newcomers are welcome to join a group of people who choose to be quiet, mindful and just let go for a while.

Everyone has an idea what meditation is like, but each group is different. Ours is a small Christian meditation group with a nucleus of regulars and others who drop in when they feel like it. We have been running successfully for ten years.

The sessions use a variety of writings of personal faith, brought down to us through the centuries. This could be Benedictines, John Main, Laurence Freeman or others… We also include about twenty minutes of silence and contemplation in a supportive environment.

Newcomers are always welcome, so come and try (no charge). Look for the blue doors in Pond Square and please arrive a little early at 12.20 to 12.25 for your first visit.  

This group is currently being held on zoom rather than in the church - please email to get the link