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Children learning about the bible 

Pathway is a charity that provides Christian education to children in North London through a schools programme. The programme started in the mid-1980s and has been growing since.

Pathway reaches over 50 schools and over 10,000 children in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey each term.

Pathway’s gifted and experienced team takes school lessons, assemblies, workshops, lunch time clubs (The Big Lunch), holiday and after school clubs (The Big Crunch). The aim is to bring the Bible to life for children in a lively, and engaging way, whilst being sensitive to the multi-cultural character of most local communities.

Pathway works alongside local churches, and a local church member is part of every Pathway team. In our case, our minister David Currie is part of the Pathway team in our local area.

Pond Square Chapel was one of five North London churches that set up the charity, who were concerned we were missing the opportunity to tell children about Jesus, as relatively small numbers of children were visiting church.  

The charity founder was the Rev Robert Courtney, who had recently arrived as minister at Pond Square Chapel, and our church has provided substantial leadership and support to the programme since.

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