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26th United Nations Climate Change Conference      -   COP 26
Glasgow:  1st  -   12th November

Creator God
Father of Compassion,
We thank you that we can come as your sons and daughters.

We thank you for the world that you have made.
Soil and streams,
Mountains and music,
Flowers and fauna,
Laughter and love,
Dancing and daffodils,
Flamingoes and food.

We thank you that we inhabit this world with non-human worshippers.
Elephants and eagles,
Red kites and racoons.
Monkeys and macaws.

To you be all honor, glory and praise.
Creator God,
Father of Compassion,
We are concerned about this world of yours
And this world of ours.
It is our home.

In the face of the climate crisis our hearts are restless and our souls are sad.
Draw near to us as the healer of all hurts.

Father, we ask that you would lead and guide us
By the power and compassion of the Holy Spirit.

In these strange and difficult days, we ask that you would mould us and shape us into the image of your
son, and our saviour Jesus.
May we, like him, be people of justice.
Come Holy Spirit , We need you
Come Holy Spirit, Fill us afresh
Come Holy Spirit, Empower us.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

(from Prayers by Rev. Jon Swales, St. George's, Leeds)

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